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IPHRC calls upon OIC Member States to observe Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity day

Date: 8/5/2014

On the occasion of the “Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity day”, designated by the 38th Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM), the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) today called upon all OIC Member States to redouble efforts in upholding their commitments to promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms of their citizens. IPHRC stressed that human rights and human dignity are integral parts of the Islamic religion and the Charter of the OIC upholds the principle of promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all people. 

Shunning all notions of division, discrimination and hatred based on one's race, religion, caste, creed or sex, Islamic teachings promote the laudable ideals of freedom, justice, peace, fraternity and equality among mankind that correspond to the existing code of human rights law and should be upheld by all Member States, the Commission added. To that end, IPHRC reiterated its determination to assisting Member States in meeting their human rights obligations as set forth in internationally agreed instruments as well as those in OIC covenants and declarations. 

With regards to human rights generally, the Commission stressed OIC's commitment of complementing rather than competing with the existing international instruments, including international human rights law to which all OIC countries have actively contributed. It was also stressed that Islamic principles of justice and equality should be used as an additional driving force in the realization of human rights both by State and non- State actors, including religious leaders who have an important responsibility to help present the true facets of Islamic values and teachings to complement State's efforts in promoting and achieving just, tolerant, peaceful and progressive multi-cultural societies. IPHRC also requested OIC Member States to observe this important day as an opportunity to take concrete steps to reinforce human rights and move it to a higher plane of dialogue, cooperation, education and awareness raising according to Islamic teachings and values within their societies.

In addition the Commission observed that today, human rights issues have become “global issues”, requiring stronger and concerted international efforts to address them effectively. Accordingly, the observance of August 5th should also serve as an occasion to stress the need for enhancing cooperation and strengthening coordination among OIC Member States in the field of Human Rights. The Commission added that this day should serve as a reminder and an inspiration for Member States to increase cooperation in addressing a number of pressing issues, including combating intolerance and hatred based on religion and belief, addressing the threat of terrorism and religious extremism including sectarian strife as well as addressing the whole range of social and economic rights, including the right to development, to ensure sustainable development and respect for human rights in the Muslim world and beyond. 

Referring to the ongoing state of political, sectarian and security chaos in various parts of the Muslim world, IPHRC strongly condemned all forms of intolerance, fanaticism, extremism and discrimination and called for consolidation of authentic Islamic values of moderation, openness, tolerance, dialogue and diversity. It reiterated the call by the 41st CFM on all OIC Member States to unite against sectarian policies, which lead to the emergence of sedition pervading the political arena and creating chaos that endanger peace, stability and sovereignty of affected States. At the same time the Commission rejected the repeated association of Islam and Moslems with terrorism and violation of human rights, which have contributed to the intensification of Islamophobia.




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