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IPHRC^ calls for an immediate end to hostilities against defenseless Palestinians and urges respect for humanitarian and human rights laws for sustainable peace

Date: 10/23/2015

IPHRC^ strongly condemned the current and ongoing escalation of violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, a direct consequence of Israel’s blatant dehumanizing, discriminatory and detrimental occupation and settlement policies, which are pursued with impunity in utter disregard to the international humanitarian and human rights laws in particular Fourth Geneva Convention. The systematic dispossession, oppression and violation of human rights of the defenseless Palestinian civilian population by the emboldened Israeli settlers and abetting security forces of the occupying power has perpetuated the vicious cycle of frustration and further violence.


The Commission supports the assessment of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that “the escalating tensions indicate a general sense of growing frustration and despair resulting from the situation of prolonged occupation, exacerbated by recent restrictions imposed by the Israeli authorities on Palestinian worshippers…….., the ongoing settlement expansion and settler violence and a general lack of accountability”.


Triggered by Israeli incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound last month (an act of deliberate provocation and unacceptable interference in the right of freedom of religion of Muslims), protests against Israel's occupation have increased in frequency across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Scores of protesting Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli forces who are given unprecedented orders to shoot to kill, hence the violence continues. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General was accordingly right to state that he was “ deeply concerned by repeated provocations at the holy sites in Jerusalem”, which “inflame tensions and must stop”.


The Commission holds Israel fully responsible for the latest spate of violence and killings, an obvious outcome of its dehumanizing occupying / settlement policies, in total disregard of its international obligations as an occupying power. IPHRC urges the international community in particular OIC Member States to redouble their efforts to bring an immediate end to these tragic hostilities to avoid loss of innocent lives and joins the call made by the OIC for its proposal to seek provision of international protection for the Palestinian people.



^Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission

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