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IPHRC appeals for the protection and safeguarding of the dignity and human rights of refugees in the continuing refugee crisis in Europe and call for extraordinary humanitarian measures to avert the impending human catastrophe

Date: 9/10/2015

IPHRC is appalled by the most dangerous and distressing conditions endured by the refugees attempting to flee from their conflict ridden homelands to Europe just to secure their basic human right, i.e. ‘right to life’. The poignant photograph of a washed away body of an innocent Syrian boy, Aylan, has shaken the universal moral conscience and serves as a stark reminder for the international community to address the crisis in an urgent and effective manner. According to conservative estimates, so far this year, 300,000 people including women and children have attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea in rickety boats battling against inclement sea conditions and suffering in the hands of exploitative human smugglers while 2,600 of them have paid it through their lives. The bitter reality is that the influx of refugees shows no sign of abating.

UDHR, Article 14, provides ‘everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution’. IPHRC, while recognizing that a long term coordinated system wide response is crucial, urges OIC Member States, regional governments, relevant UN agencies as well as the international community in general to generously support and provide critical lifesaving care and services to these refugees to avert humanitarian catastrophe. Similar urgent and serious measures are needed to address the root causes of these crisis, such as the need to address and resolve the conflicts in countries of origin that force individuals to flee their homelands. In this regards, the Commission broadly endorses short to long term measures proposed by UN High Commissioner for Refugees in his statement of 04th September, 2015.

IPHRC, reiterates the responsibility of all States in accordance with international law, solidarity, and non-discrimination among refugees on the basis of their religion while addressing their individual cases. IPHRC further reiterates respect for human rights is the only sustainable mean for both averting and resolving the refugee crisis. It strengthens the protection of human rights for everyone in the society (be they residents, refugees or asylum seekers) as well as provides a basis for relationship of not only individuals with States but also interstate relations for a collective action and responsibility. 

While acknowledging that the major share of refugees is hosted by OIC countries of the region, the Commission urged Member States, in cooperation with international community, to do more to cater for their humanitarian needs. IPHRC also welcomed the call for meeting of OIC Executive Committee to deal with the subject and hoped it would come up with a comprehensive strategy and sustainable solution to help address the ongoing Syrian refugees crisis.



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