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About Sessions:
Regular sessions

The IPHRC holds two annual regular sessions, which are convened at its Secretariat or in any other Member States offering to host the session. The date for a regular session is fixed by the Secretariat in consultation with the Commission’s Bureau. The duration of a session may vary between 5 to 10 days. Dates and venue of the regular session are conveyed by the IPHRC Secretariat to the Commission Members at least 40 days ahead of the session. The Administrative Director of the Commission also prepares the draft Annual Programme of Work, which is then submitted to the Commission Members through its Bureau for approval.

Extraordinary and Emergency sessions

As appropriate, the Commission may hold extraordinary and emergency sessions. Extraordinary sessions are convened upon request of the OIC Secretary General, or a Member State, with the approval of a two-third majority of OIC Membership. The Commission may also meet in emergency sessions, which may be convened by its Chairperson, in consultation with the Bureau of the Commission, to address situations calling for immediate attention by the Commission. Notice of a session must be sent to members at least 40 days before the session in the case of an extraordinary meeting, and 5 days in the case of an emergency meeting.


Administrative Director of IPHRC draws up the provisional agenda of regular sessions in consultation and with the consent of the Chairperson. Apart from the items proposed at the previous session, the Chairperson, members of the Commission, Member States, Intergovernmental organizations and civil society organization enjoying observer or consultative status at the OIC and NHRIs of the Member States may suggest additional items for inclusion in the draft agenda.

The Commission at the beginning of its sessions adopts the provisional agenda. In the case of an extraordinary or emergency session, the provisional agenda may only include the items for which the session is convened.

The provisional agenda of regular and extraordinary session, along with its related documents, must be circulated to members of the Commission not later than 30 days before the session, and in the case of other stakeholders, 15 days.

Session reports

The Commission adopts in each of its sessions a report containing a summary of proceedings as well as conclusions and recommendations of the Commission. Each year the Secretary General of the OIC presents a comprehensive report to the CFM, which contains reports of all sessions, other thematic reports mandated by CFM or Summit as well as IPHRC activities in the year.

Twelfth Session, Jeddah
Date: 11/23/2017

Eleventh Session, Jeddah
Date: 5/7/2017Tenth Session, Jeddah
Date: 12/4/2016Ninth Session, Jeddah
Date: 5/1/2016Eieth Session, Jeddah
Date: 11/29/2015Seventh Session, Jeddah
Date: 4/23/2015Sixth Session, Jeddah
Date: 11/6/2014Fifth Session, Jeddah
Date: 6/5/2014Fourth Session, Jeddah
Date: 2/6/2014Third Session, Jeddah
Date: 10/26/2013Second Session, Ankara
Date: 8/27/2012First Session, Jakarta
Date: 2/20/2012


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