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Dr. Saeed Mohammad Alghufli

Dr. Saeed Mohammad Alghufli

Dr Saeed Al Ghufli is Assistant Secretary-General, Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, and Rapporteur, National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, United Arab Emirates.

He received his MPhil and PhD degrees in constitutional law from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK, after obtaining a bachelor's degree in law and police sciences from Dubai Police Academy.

Dr Saeed has extensive expertise in public law and legal issues and has been actively engaged in research and formulation of policies related to human rights, human trafficking, gender issues and political participation.

In line with his motivational abilities and leadership vision, he is a member of the UAE's Legislation Committee and National Election Committee, and served as the Rapporteur, Universal Periodic Review Committee in 2008.

He was previously head of the Law and Police Sciences Department, Dubai Police Academy.

Dr Saeed resides in Dubai and can be contacted at: Pdf Format