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The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Protecting and Promoting Human rights in the Muslim World and Beyond

Mr. Mahamad Al-Bachir Ibrahim

Mr. Mahamad Al-Bachir Ibrahim

Mr. Al-Bachir Ibrahim is a Diplomat from Chad, working as a director of the regional organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Integration in Chad- Ndjamena,

Mr.Al- Bashir holds a bachelor's degree in law, a diploma in Islamic Studies from the University of Tripoli, and currently a Ph.D. Candidate.

Mr. Al-Bachir has worked at various human rights areas; he served as Director of the Chadian Emigrants, director of the Arab world, Asia and Aoghania in the ministry of foreign affairsChad, member of a Committee to follow-up on Darfur conflict for four years.

He participated in the OIC ministerial Conferences, which were held in Tehran and Dakar, and a member of the Human Rights Commission of Chad since 1994. Mr. Al bachir worked as a lecturer at King Faisal University - Bangmana, since it was established in 1992, at the Faculty of Arabic language then at the Faculty of Law till now.

Mr.Albachir participated in many international conferences of the African Union and other international organizations; he has published many research papers at the King Faisal University in Chad.

He currently lives in chad with his family.

Mr.Albachir can be contacted at:

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