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Ms. Asila Warda

Ms. Asila Wardak

Ms Asila Wardak is a Human rights and Women's right Activist from Afghanistan and one of the founders of Afghan Women's network ( AWN) in 1996. She is working as Minister Counselor to the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to United Nation in New York.

She worked as Director General of Human Rights and International Women's affairs of Ministry of foreign affairs in Afghanistan, safeguard/social development Specialist for the World Bank and worked with different Organizations such as UNDP, Asian development bank, UNAMA, CARE and Canada Fund where she served many Afghan women during Taliban regime in Afghanistan with provision of aid assistance and carried many trainings and capacity building programs for women and worked in very hard environment for human and women's rights.

She has also carried out several consultancy works with different UN Organs, York University, and Fredric Ebert Steffting and many more International NGOs on issues such as gender, transitional justice, human rights, community mobilization, women leadership and project designing, supervision and monitoring.

Asila is committed to protecting human and women's rights as well as civil society empowerment and she was one of the female delegates and participated actively in the Bonn 1 ,Bonn 2 conferences, Emergency Loya jirga, Constitutions Loya jirga, Afghan –Pak peace jirga and Peace consultative jirga where she raised women's voice.

She was one of the female candidates for Afghanistan Parliamentary elections in 2005.

Ms Asila currently live in New York City and can be contacted at: Cell Phone : 001-917-853-7300 / Tel: 001-646-3401810 Pdf Format