Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Protecting and Promoting Human rights in the Muslim World and Beyond

IPHRC unreservedly condemns the senseless terrorist attacks in Brussels and calls for a unified global response to effectively combat terrorism and xenophobia in all its forms and manifestations


OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) is appalled by the disturbing graphic images of death and destruction in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and sympathizes with the families of the innocent victims. IPHRC has always condemned these acts whenever and wherever they occur and by whomsoever and is always ready to work with all in the fight against this scourge of terrorism.


The Commission reiterated its oft-stated views that barbaric attacks of Daesh/ISIS or other similar groups, professing deviant ideologies, have no sanction in the religion of Islam, which forbids terrorism and the targeting of innocent civilians. These terrorist groups thrive on division and commit such abominable acts in the Western societies with the sole purpose of evoking a strong Islamophobic response to create an illusion of ‘clash of civilizations’ and stoking religious hatred and violence against Muslims. The wanton stereotyping and marginalization of Muslim communities creates resentment and provides strength to the nefarious objectives of terrorist groups.


The victims of Brussels and Paris attacks are no different from the victims of Ankara and Peshawar attacks. Muslims, like all human beings, do not like innocent people being killed. Muslims have lost thousands of their relatives, friends, and even their children to terrorism by similar groups. Unfortunately, however, while Muslims everywhere have consistently, without reservation repudiated these acts, and disowned them as ‘unIslamic’, they continue to suffer from double jeopardy of being the victims of same terrorist groups and simultaneously targets of Islamophobic attacks fomented by slanted media reporting and statements of the political demagogues.


While condemning these despicable inhuman acts of cowardice, IPHRC urges the international community and the Muslims all over the world to commit to the values of pluralism and tolerance, which remains the best defense against those who are committed to turn the communities against each other. Also, it stresses the need to highlight the message that ‘clash of civilizations’ is not between religious groups and communities, but between those who stand for hate and divisiveness on the one hand, and those that stand for mutual and peaceful co-existence on the other.

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