Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Protecting and Promoting Human rights in the Muslim World and Beyond

OIC IPHRC participated in the 43rd Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) in Tashkent and called upon Member States to promote human rights respecting and protecting societies to foster a social order based on equity and justice


The delegation of OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) led by its Chairperson, Amb. Abdulwahab, participated in the 43rd Session of the OIC CFM held in Tashkent from 18-19, October 2016. The meeting was attended by the Foreign Ministers and high-level representatives of OIC Member and Observer States as well as all heads of OIC organs and institutions.

Amb. Abdulwahab addressed the meeting and briefed the participants on the activities and achievements of the Commission. He welcomed the theme of the 43rd CFM i.e. “Education and Enlightenment-Path to Peace and Creativity”, as a concept that corresponds to the work and objectives of the Commission as well as a path that needs to be pursued by the Ummah for promoting peace and development in all Member States. He, accordingly, called upon Member States to exert all efforts to promote human rights respecting and protecting societies to foster a social order based on equity and justice, which is the guaranteed means to achieving lasting peace and progress. 

Amb Abdulwahab also briefed the meeting on the recent IPHRC visit to Palestine and expressed its dismay over the prevailing unbearable human rights situation faced by the Palestinian people at the hands of Israeli authorities. He also condemned the ongoing human rights situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir and supported the special resolution adopted by the CFM that called upon Indian authorities to immediately put an end to the unprovoked and unjust violence against innocent Kashmiri people.

Describing the achievements of the Commission, Amb Abdulwahab conveyed that within a short span of five years, IPHRC made sturdy progress and established itself as a serious international organization with objective views on all issues of human rights concern to the OIC. He reaffirmed that despite resource constraints, IPHRC is determined to shoulder its onerous responsibilities in shaping OIC’s human rights focus for the advancement of fundamental rights and freedoms of all segments of society. Amb Abdulwahab also expressed gratitude to the OIC Secretary General and all Member States, in particular, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the host of IPHRC Headquarters, for their steadfast logistical and moral support for the smooth functioning of the Commission.

A detailed report was presented to the CFM, which enlists various activities and thematic reports prepared by the IPHRC. The CFM took note of various reports presented and appreciated the commendable progress made by the IPHRC in advancement of OIC’s human rights objectives. It also urged all Member States to continue to extend their full moral and material support to the Commission for its effective functioning as an independent organ of the OIC.  

In line with it’s goal for cooperation and exchanging good practices with National Human Rights Institutions in OIC countries, IPHRC delegation will also participate in the International Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishment of the National Human Rights Centre of Uzbekistan, held in Tashkent from 20-21 October 2016. During this conference, IPHRC will make a presentation on “Improvement of efficiency of activities of National Institutions: From the promotion and protection of human rights to education in the field of human rights”.

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